My Obamacare Alternative

Even though the courts would seem to disagree with me, I have always held the belief that ObamaCare is unconstitutional. Beyond this, it is a poorly organized, pseudo-socialist, entitlement program that, unfortunately, will hurt far more people than it could ever hope to help. It also adds several trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities to the government’s debt.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that if we ever can hope to repeal ObamaCare, we will need to come up with a helpful, constitutional, and in lock step with american values. I like the idea put forward by Dr. Ben Carson: a Health Savings Account (HSA).
Essentially, when a person is born, along with their birth certificate and social security number, they will be issued a HSA. Their parents could invest in the HSA like they do for a college payment plan, and when the child grows up, he or she will continue to add money to their HSA anytime they can. Say $25 at the end of the month, $100 when you get your tax return, and so on. This way, people are still able to be in charge of their own healthcare, and government insures that everyone has the opportunity to pay for good health care.

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