How to Solve The ISIS Situation

We as a nation have a moral responsibility to take military action against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, because it was president Obama’s dangerous isolationist policies that caused this situation. We withdrew our troops at the least opportune time, and refused to take action when Syria and Iraq began to fall. Currently, ISIS controls effectively all of Iraq and Syria, and yesterday vowed to “raise the flag of allah over the white house”, this all during their systematic beheading of Christians and Children. Here is my plan:

  • Continued Airstrikes on ISIS bases military camps. CIA intelligence has a good grasp of where ISIS bases are located. Every last one should be obliterated. We should have no tolerance for a group that the Al-Qaeda has deemed radical.
  • End all foreign aid to Syrian rebels and the Iraqi government. Both of these organizations have been funneling US aid into the ISIS group, and we should put a stop to it. Rather than fund the Syrian rebels, most of whom have become absorbed by ISIS, we should begin to fund the Bashar Al-Assad Syrian government.

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