About Rand Paul

Rand Paul is being repeatedly called the frontrunner for the republican nomination, but what I would like to know is this: since when is a 2 point lead an indication of frontrunner status, especially in a race that includes a dozen or more candidates? Also, Rand Paul is not a true republican, nor is he a real libertarian. Few of us conservatives like him, and most of my libertarian friends think he is a loony toon. A Rand Paul nomination would likely wind up as a republican version of Walter Mondale.
Randites make his case by saying that he would win the libertarian vote and the young vote, but they don’t realize that if we win both of those categories unanimously, we clock in at about 30-35%, but many of these voters also fall into the “Sane Voter” category, putting rand at about 15%. Rand Paul is dangerous in a way that Ron Paul never was. Ron wanted to change the party from within. Rand is enough of a fruit loop to think that he can win. If Rand Paul were to recieve the nomination, the Republican party would be forever relegated to the fringes of politics, like the democrats in the 1890’s. Our party needs a leader who can lay out a positive vision for the country, not an odd, paranoid, conspiracy laden Orwellian vision for the future. We need a leader who can make the country great again. We’re never going to have another Reagan. That is a set of skills that come about once, maybe twice in a generation. But we will have a leader (Santorum, Rubio, Jindal, etc.), that my grand children and great grandchildren will want to repeat.

People say that the republican party is doomed demographically, and the GOP has launched the largest demographic outreach program in history. But the best way to reach out to young voters, minority voters, and woman voters is to have a leader that can fashion a positive vision for the future, and convey this message in a method that the majority of americans can relate to. Bobby Jindal is doing this in Louisiana, Rubio in Florida, Tim Scott in South Carolina, and so on. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tim Scott beats Joyce Dickerson 70-30. That’s because he reaches out to people who feel left out by politics as usual.

Reagan became the great communicator because he had a positive, relatable vision for this country’s future. But 2014, 2015, 2016… are all different than 1980. When activists say that Government is not the solution to the problem, government is the problem, they forget the real statement. It was, “In the present crisis, government is not the solution….” We need a leader who will work to find solutions and help the millions of struggling americans, not who is stuck in the fantasy lands of Elizabeth Warren and Rand Paul.

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