The Case for Capitalism

Liberal “progressives” have been bashing capitalism and the free market for a long time. It doesn’t make sense to me, because we do not really have capitalism in America. We have combined capitalism with socialism and adding in some kleptocracy here and there. Somehow, it’s perfectly fine for Michael Moore or Matt Damon (he should just stop talking and make some more Bourne movies) to make millions of dollars in the free market with very little work, but when someone like Mitt Romney uses the free market to make millions (many of which he has given to charity) he is a greedy villain. Ranting aside, we need to institute principles that bring back the free market system.

  1. Cut corporate tax to 25%, and over 10 years faze down to 5%. At 35%, the United States has the highest corporate tax in any developed country in the world. For a nation that once prided itself on the free market system, that is quite sad. No wonder corporations are going overseas more and more. We as a country and as a people loose every time a business goes overseas because of corporate taxes. “Progressive” socialists rail about massive corporations, and they raise the corporate tax to combat them, but only the wealthiest, most massive corporations can survive. Cutting the corporate tax will not only increase entrepreneurship, but employment as well.
  2. Cut income tax to 15% Flat Rate, and faze to 10% over 5 years. There is no reason that the government should be taking 35% of anyone’s income. Former president Calvin Coolidge once said that collecting any more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery. Unfair taxation has placed hundreds of thousands of impoverished americans, and has made it harder for these americans to rise out of poverty. It is a vital necessity to go to a 10% income tax if america is ever going to become a world leader again.
  3. Abolish the Federal Reserve and Return to the Gold Standard. No organization in history has devalued the dollar and hurt capitalism more than the Federal Reserve. Many people do not realize that the Fed is not a government agency, but rather a private banking organization. “Progressives” often blame Wall Street bankers for our economic troubles, but these liberals were the ones who first gave the power to the bankers in the first place. Second, we need to return the United States to the Gold Standard so that people’s money is actually worth something.
  4. Eliminate the National Debt and balance the budget.

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