The Ukraine

Three months ago, I wrote an article entitled Arm The Ukraine. I argued for a comprehensive overhaul of foreign policy as it relates to the Ukraine, and a list of consequences if we did not adopt these consequences. I projected that if we did not adopt my policies, that the entire Odessa-Luhansk strip would fall by the year’s end. In the above map, the red signifies land under the control of the russian government, or pro russian separatists (Including the Party of Regions). You can see from the map that the entire Luhansk-Mariupol region (this constitutes roughly 1/3 of the Odessa-Luhansk strip) has fallen, along with the Moldovan Border, the Crimea, and the northern city of Kharkiv. Though not under formal control of the Russian Separatists, the Russians already have tanks, fighter plains, and troops on the ground from Donetsk to the russian border, and from Mariupol through to the crimea. This region will likely fall before August 1st. What can, if anything, the United States do to help solve this crisis?
  1. Enforce drastic sanctions on the Russian federation. Refuse to allow any russian official from entering into the United States, regardless of purpose. Place a trade and travel embargo on the Russian Federation. Remove all embassies, diplomatic posts, and military installations from Russia and Eastern Ukraine. Inform Moscow that any russian plane entering US airspace or ship entering US waters will be shot down.
  2. Set aside $2billion for funding, arming, and training pro ukrainian/nationalist groups and political parties, including but not limited to Svboda, Batkivshchyna, UDAR, Right Sector, and the Ukrainian armed forces.
  3. Set aside another $1mil to elect Svboda and Batkivshchyna candidates in contested areas, and to remove Party of Regions officials.
  4. Require President Obama to wait until the crisis is resolved to play another round of golf (As a golfer myself, I understand that this will give him incentive to solve the crisis by sunday).

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