America: Imagine A World Without Her

Yesterday, I went with a friend and fellow conservative blogger Brennan Ravan to go see the movie America, Imagine the world without her, and it reminded me of several things that I knew, but had either forgotten or overlooked lately, and I wanted to share them here.

1. If America ever fades, it’s not because of suicide. The tanks of Putin’s russia, the missiles of Hamas, the bombs of ISIS, and all the forces of the world cannot, even combined, end the United States. If the United States ever goes under, it will be because we have allowed socialism, fascism, bureaucracy, and other forms of Anti American radicalism to take place here at home. It’s growing prominence in many areas. Obama, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Cuomo, just to name a few. We cannot allow these people to take power in this country. If we do, we will follow in the paths of every other great nation and loose everything that 230+ years has fought so hard to create. I don’t believe we’re finished yet. I believe that America’s best days are still to come. I want my children and grandchildren to enjoy those days.

2. We cannot let the government replace the community. I want you to answer this question, “Who do you trust more? Your family, your friends, your neighbors, your church (The different branches of community), or your government? Government can never replace the community, and community can serve better than government ever can. I’ve seen this with my church. We have a community garden on my church’s property, which we use to feed the underprivileged in our community, as well as members of our congregation who may be going through a tough time. Our little garden provides better than any welfare check ever can. Communities also provide something for people to fall back on in times of need, a safety net that can bring you up faster and safer than any government ordained institution.

3. We must again embrace the free market. We were the first nation in the history of the world to allow you to truly be the author of your own life. Here, you can choose your american dream. It could be to become a multi-billionaire, or just to have a nice house, raise a family, and retire at 65. It could be to be a PGA Tour Champion, or to open a dog house architecture firm. And the unique thing about America is that the free market system that we developed will allow you to create this life for your self. We need to re-embrace the free market so that people will be free again to author the verses of their own lives.


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