My Immigration Reform Proposal

The immigration crisis has reached the breaking point, and something must be done about it. This is my simple immigration proposal.

  1. Deport Central American illegal immigrants at the same rate as Mexican Illegal Immigrants. The majority of mexican illegal immigrants are immediately deported, but with central american illegal immigrants, they are given a court summons and told to appear in a month or so, which they rarely do. We need to increase deportations until we can create a better system for processing these illegal immigrants. Deport all undocumented immigrants crossing the border for four months, giving the Border Patrol more time to process the illegal immigrants
  2. After the four month period, create a pathway to citizenship, meaning put these immigrants at the back of the line and process them in the same way as immigrants from say, Italy or Germany. We will not provide special treatment to immigrants depending on their country.
  3. Also after the four month period, increase border security to double or triple what we have now. Including armed guards; increased, better, border fences; and border control offices every mile on the border.
  4. Use diplomatic and sanctioning powers to slash the root of the problem. Even though steps 1-3 provide comprehensive solutions to the immediate problem, it will not fix the long term problem. The root of the problem is the caustic situation in the central american nations. We must utilize our brute diplomatic strength to end this crisis.

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