How To Fix American Education

America’s education system is in shambles, and needs a massive overhaul if our students are going to become on par with the rest of the world. My plan is this:

  1. Have every state out opt of common core. So far, 6 states have opted out of common core, with South Carolina being the most recent to do so. As a student myself, I know better than any politician that one size fits all mandates never work, and that’s exactly what common core is. 
  2. Expand school choice and voucher programs. Since Nikki Haley assumed office in 2011, South Carolina has led the way in school choice, and it has paid off. The same kind of education does not work for every student. Parents should have the option of public schools, private schools, home-schooling, online classes, magnet programs, etc. We should also provide voucher programs  so that lower-income parents can afford the same private schools as higher-income parents. 
  3. Optimise real world experience in the classroom. The fact of the matter is that 70% of americans will not receive a college degree. We should give students an opportunities and programs to learn a trade. Many of these trades often pay very well. For example, the average income in South Carolina is $42,000 a year, but the average painter in Columbia, SC makes $100,000 a year. The average Auto Mechanic in Florence, SC makes $46,000 a year. But the sad truth is that while there are programs like these in place in some school districts, it is usually used as a “holding class” for trouble kids, unlike those who could actually use them. We also need to allow students and families to tailor education to fit their specific needs.

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