SC Election Results Breakdown

By all accounts, yesterday’s election was incredibly surprising. Without a runoff for Lindsey Graham, I will go ahead and endorse him in the general election.


Lindsey Graham: 56%
Lee Bright: 15%
Richard Cash: 8%
Det Bowers: 7%
Nancy Mace: 6%
Bill Connor: 5%
Benjamin Dunn: 1%

What this means: Lindsey Graham will not face a runoff, and will go on to face democratic state senator Brad Hutto as well as libertarian and American Independent Party candidates. I will endorse Lindsey Graham in the general election.

Henry McMaster: 44%
Mike Campbell: 24%
Pat McKinney: 24%
Ray Moore: 7%

What this means: Henry McMaster will face a runoff with either Mike Campbell or Pat McKinney. Due to the closeness of the results (McKinney defeated Campbell by a mere 2,000 votes, out of 400,000 South Carolinians voting). I will continue to endorse Henry McMaster. Whoever wins the runoff will win the election, because if there is a democrat running, it’s news to me.

Superintendent of Education
Molly Spearman: 22%
Sally Atwater: 22%
Sheri Few: 19%
Gary Burgess: 11%
Meka Bosket Childs: 7%
Amy Coefield: 7%
Elizabeth Moffly: 6%
Don Jordan: 6%

What this means: As a student, I am disappointed with how my state voted yesterday. I sincerely wanted Meka Childs elected, because she was the best candidate for those of us in the classroom. I can’t bring myself to endorse either candidate. I cant stand Sally Atwater and I don’t believe that Molly Spearman will stand up for us, and neither have taken a strong position on Common Core. I will, however, endorse whichever candidate wins the republican nomination, because she will be better than any one of the four democrats who are running. As far as the democrats go, Sheila Gallagher and Tom Thompson will go into a runoff, receiving 36% and 26% respectively in yesterday’s primary. Jerry Govan received 19% and Mario Beltron received 18%.

Incumbents Curtis Loftis (State Treasurer), Bob Livingston (Adjutant General), Hugh Weathers (Agricultural Commissioner), Tim Scott, Jim Clyburn, and Joe Wilson all were re-elected by wide margins. Phil Black pulled of a surprising win in the 2nd district democratic nomination, but living in that district myself, I can assure you he has no chance whatsoever. Joyce Dickerson and Brad Hutto received the democratic senate nominations and will go on to challenge Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham, respectively.

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