2 Days To Take Back America

We in South Carolina have 2 days. Two days to change the course of this great nation and put us back on the path of liberty and limited, constitutional government. As we near primary Tuesday, we have a choice to make. We can send back Lindsey Graham, the career, big government, special interest incumbent, and Det Bowers, the principled, conservative, constitutional candidate. We’ve gained incredible momentum, but it’s vital that we take this momentum into tuesday. And then we take it into the runoff, and we take Det Bowers to washington.

When we send Det Bowers to washington, were bringing South Carolina to Washington, but if we re-elect Lindsey Graham, we bring Washington to South Carolina. And when we do this, we loose our uniqueness as a state among the 50, and our nation among the world.

Click here for precinct polling information.

**Why I Am Running**



Common Core


Second Amendment


Foreign Policy

** 20 Reasons to Support Our Campaign**


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