About Boko Haram and Peace Through Strength

Yes, we do need to “Bring Back Our Girls”, but no Mrs. Obama, a social media face with a paper sign written in sharpie won’t do it. A strong military will. The opposite of peace through strength is war through weakness. 7 years ago, when President Bush maintained a strong military, the war on terror was winding down. We were seeing less terrorist attacks every single month, and militant islam was all but defeated. However, after President Obama instituted a more happy-go-lucky approach to foreign policy in which he has decreased worldwide presence of US armed forces midway through the “Freedom Process”, an even more hardcore group of militants has taken over. Nowhere is this more evident than in Nigeria. After we removed our mid-east presence, these Jihadi groups have jumped in, implementing Sharia law with their reign of terror.
My plan to Get Back Our Girls is this:

  • Increase US presence in this area, begin with mobilizing our troops in nearby bases in training exercises, and we will se these militants begin to slow down their activities. Encourage our allies to do the same, and ask our friends in Africa to show that they will have no part of Boko Haram’s sharia reign of terror.
  • Sell arms to the Nigerian government both to help in their fight against Boko Haram and to fund ourselves.
  • Finally, organize a special forces raid on Boko Haram to Get Back Our Girls

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