The Shadow War

If there were two words that I could ban from the party vernacular, they would be “Rino” and “Class.” Here’s why.

When we use the word Rino, we are actively attempting to divide the republican party. When we call Lindsey Graham (My senator), John McCain (Our presidential nominee), Mitt Romney (another presidential nominee, and John Boehner (The speaker of the house) Republicans in Name Only, we are giving the left an opportunity to divide us further. The schism between the establishment moderate and the grassroots conservative wings of our party has become so bad that there are threats of two parties. We do this, and the left wins. We cannot allow this shadow war on conservatism to take root even among our party. If this divide is not bridged, then we will win neither the senate nor the presidency.

When we use the word class, we are not merely embracing liberalism, we are embracing communism. The word class was first popularized in Karl Marx’s book “The Communist Manifesto”, and it was designed to divide, to allow the proletariat to overpower the bourgeoise. We as the party of the people are not to divide the people, but rather to unite them. We need to talk to the working man, and show them that we care to them. We need to show them that we have a plan that works, and show them why the left is wrong.

In other words, we need to fight against the left. We need an ideological resurgence, a revival of the revolutionary principles the country was founded on. But to achieve this, we must unite, we cannot afford to divide.

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