Definitive Guide to Election 2016

Rick Santorum: The Underdog

Advantages: Runner up last election, so is the theoretical, “Heir to the throne”. His campaign experience would be very helpful, should he decide to run this time. He has a wide appeal among evangelicals and Catholics. He would definitely be an underdog, but the last time he proved that he can flourish in that status. His outsider status could draw some independents away from Hillary Clinton. Plus, he can rock a sweater vest.

Disadvantages: He is perceived as a radical social conservative, which could hurt his standing among young voters. Main competition Mike Huckabee

Rand Paul: The Libertarian Reformer

Advantages: Heir to his fathers political empire. His socially moderate, anti-NSA stances are very popular among young voters, who would typically go for the democrat. He would also likely draw the libertarian vote, which is between 1-4% in most areas.
Disadvantages: Can’t run for both president and senate, so if he runs and doesn’t make it, he would forfeit his senate seat. Faces similar candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz

Marco Rubio: The Savior

Advantages: Unlike many on the conservative wing of the party, Rubio has shown himself to be open to compromise, something many americans truly want to see in washington once again. He would likely carry the latino vote and the young vote, something the democrats often count on to win the election.
Disadvantages: His immigration plan was very unpopular among fellow party members, and that could hurt him in the primaries.

Jeb Bush: The Smart Brother

Advantages: There are a lot of people in our party who are itching for another Bush presidency. Bush could use his Florida governorship as a model for his plan for the nation. People perceive him as intelligent due to his smart brother moniker.

Disadvantages: He is related to his brother.

Other contenders:
Ted Cruz (Not the best biscuit in the Bojangles box)
Rick Perry (Insert Rebel Yell Here)
Huckabee (The guy from the TV show)
Christie (The Moderate)

Hillary Clinton: Frontrunner

Advantages: Popular among the left-socialist type wing of her party as well as the disillusioned-moderate wing of her party, she carries upwards of 50% in most polls.
Disadvantages: She is inextricably linked to the baggage from Obama, Benghazi, and Bill Clinton

Joe Biden: Your Crazy Uncle Joe

Advantages: Is the vice president of the United States, served upwards of 30 years in the senate, was buddies with Strom Thurmond.
Disadvantages: We see him as a basket case.

Other Potential Contenders:
Martin O’Malley (The Smart One)
Kirsten Gillibrand (The Senator You’ve never heard of)
Andrew Cuomo (Makes Hillary Look like a tea-partier)

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