Cuomo: Tyrant of New York

Governor Andrew Cuomo. Many would consider him a possible Hillary challenger in 2016. But he is perhaps the most tyrannical governor of all 50. Recently he said that “radical conservatives”, which he defined as right to life, pro gun, pro-traditional marriage, don’t belong in New York. Cuomo is trying to politically segregate one of the largest states in the country. A state which also is home to Cardinal Tim Dolan, whom many consider to be the most important Roman Catholic cardinals in North America. Cardinal Tim Dolan is pro life, pro-traditional marriage, and has made pro-gun statements. I ask Governor Cuomo, do you wish to alienate 40% of the state of New York, who are Catholic and under the leadership of Tim Dolan?

Todd Stames described Cuomo as a political “Bull Connor”. Sean Hannity threatened to leave the state of New York.

Personally I think that he should. ALL conservatives in New York should leave the state. If you aren’t good enough for your Governor, your tax dollars aren’t good enough for your governor. Move somewhere like New Jersey, the south, out west, somewhere where your political beliefs will be respected.

Cuomo claims to be tolerant of everyone. So long, that is, as “everyone” matches his political beliefs down to the last iota.


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