Finally: The Truth About Benghazi

The long-awaited congressional probe regarding Benghazi has finally been released. What did it show? That Al-Quaeda was behind the murders, that we knew about it in advance, and that it could have been  prevented. They also said that there was no protest involved in the attacks.

Let me be quite clear: our embassy is under the direct, sovereign control of our country. Invasion of an embassy is the invasion of a sovereign nation and is technically an act of war. It should provoke the same response as if some cubans killed 4 Floridians in Miami, or if Al-Quaeda affiliates killed 4 soldiers in an american military base.

Hillary Clinton, who almost a year ago asked what the big deal was, does not deserve to run for president. Much less actually be president. She really ought to be prosecuted for treason, which the constitution defines as, among other things “…giving aid to the enemies of the united states”. If Iva Toguri D’Aquino can be prosecuted for treason, so can Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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