Budget Deal Passes Senate, What’s Next?

The United States Senate just approved the Budget “Deal” 64-35. What’s next? Well the deal is soon going to be signed by President Obama, and turn it into law. Then the sweeping cuts to our country’s veterans begin. Senator Mary Pryor summed up what I think about the veteran cuts when he said, “We can’t do this on the backs of the men and women of our armed forces.” One of the GOP senators who voted in favor of the deal was John McCain. Really McCain, you are a veteran, heck you were a prisoner of war! Why would you vote to cut important funds to our veterans?

What is next for the deal? Well Obama will sign it, he already said that he would. Then it will go into effect in the new year. That plane trip you were thinking about taking on spring break? Your TSA fees will be doubled.

Despite claims from both sides of the political isle, the budget deal wont stop the next budget crisis. The Republicans want to balance the budget, and the Democrats want to keep taxing and spending. I would not be surprised if next year brings a sequel to the shutdown of october this year.

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