What is Wrong With The Budget Deal?

(J Scott Applewhite, AP)

The Ryan-Murray budget deal is a sign of compromise in a divided Washington, but as Senators Rubio and Paul pointed out, compromise that achieves an even worse situation for the country is worse than if no compromise had been reached. I stand with several groups including the American Conservative Union, Tea Party Patriots, and Young America Foundation in my opposition to the budget deal. The House of Representatives passed the budget deal by a wide margin, and the Senate will consider the bill this week. I encourage the senate to vote against the bill.

The following is summarized from the Heritage Foundation Blog at http://blog.heritage.org/2013/12/11/3-things-you-need-to-know-about-congressional-budget-deal/:

1. The Congress just keeps breaking through the so-called “caps” set on spending. This new bill is no exception. It merely changes the areas of spending, eventually allowing for more spending in ineffectual areas. Thats like me saying, “Im going to eat chocolate, but not more than three pieces a day.” I eat one, then two, then the third, at which point the limit doesn’t matter and I go for the fourth and fifth pieces of chocolate.
2. Ryan and Murray keep saying that there will be no tax hikes from the bill, and technically they are right. However the increased fees in other areas, such as air travel, increase revenue and are indirect taxes. Its like the Cosby Show episode where Bill says he is not going to eat donuts, and he doesn’t. He eats cake, muffins, anything but donuts.
3. The bill basically gives congress a license to “Spend now, Save later.” If we procrastinate spending, we will not end up not saving until it is too late. For example, if I procrastinate studying for my Algebra exam next week, I will probably put it of till the night before, when it will be too late.

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