Trickle Down Economics Works

The term “Trickle Down Economics” has been both championed by conservatives such as myself, who often call it Reaganomics”, and demonized by liberals. However, the history has shown that trickle down economics works exponentially better than the alternative, taxing to prosperity.

Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said that “Trying to tax ones’ self to prosperity is akin to standing on a bucket and attempting to pull oneself up.” President Ronald Reagan realized this, and decided that the best way for wealth to increase is to allow those who earn it to keep it. When the rich make their money, they will create jobs, and hire those who are willing to work. They will earn a living, working their way up to the top, then creating more jobs. Governor Mitt Romney put it this way, “Republicans look at the golf course, the swimming pool, the great food, and say everyone should live like this. The Democrats look at it all and say no-one should live like this”.

One of the other greats of the economy was Calvin Coolidge. He once famously said, “Don’t expect to pull up the weak by bringing down the strong”. He brought the nation into the roaring twenties, and the great depression was caused in part by a reversal of his policies.

Founding Father Benjamin Franklin said that, “I am helping the poor… by having them work and help themselves”.

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