Marco Rubio on Chris Christie

To many, Governor Chris Christie is their choice candidate. They point to his re-election as Governor of New Jersey in a sweeping 33 point margin. However, Florida Senator Marco Rubio says that we shouldn’t focus so much on this victory. Let’s see what my choice candidate has to say about their choice candidate.

Rubio says that while he congratulates Christie on his win, we should not focus so much on the sweeping reelection, because he says every race is different, every race has its own set of complications and factors. He went on to say that while Christie was able to speak to the “Hopes and Dreams of the People of New Jersey”, that New Jersey is a decisively blue state, and would not be an indication of our complex and confusing national stage. Marco Rubio also said that we should focus more on people like Ken Cuccinelli, the tea partier who made a surprisingly close run for governor of Virginia. He was defeated by a three point margin by Terry McAuliffe.


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