Why I Still Support George W Bush

Perhaps no president in recent years has received more public scrutiny and dislike than George Walker Bush. President Bush is one of only three presidents to loose the popular vote and win the election, and this was met with dismay by Al Gore and his supporters. However, those who do not believe Bush was elected fairly lack a basic understanding of our constitution and the way elections work.

Unlike so many today, George W Bush did not just stand by when our nation was attacked by terrorists. President Bush did something about it. He supported the Invasion of Iraq, but it was a joint resolution of congress that authorized it. The senate voted 77-23 in favor, and the house voted 297-133 in favor. Second, despite what many liberals will have you believe, the George Bush Tax Cuts prompted 55 months of consecutive job GROWTH. Many criticize Bush for believing that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. What the critics don’t tell you is that Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and John Kerry ALL believed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and the American Intelligence Community and FBI all backed the claim. President Bush’s approval rating post 9/11 was 98%. Not to shabby for a so called “World’s Worst Leader”.


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