On The Nuclear Option

Senate Republicans planned to stage a 30+ hour talkathon against Senator Reid’s abusive use of the Nuclear Option.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) said that the party that doesn’t care about the rule of law (The Democrats), disregarded the rule of law and changed hundreds of years of precedent to further their agenda. “What they did on this rules change is the first time in the history of the United States Senate that we changed the rules without 67 votes. The ill will that has been inflicted by that action is incalculable.
The following is from a previous blog article, “Harry Reid’s Newest Political Blunder”:

When the founding fathers of our country (Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, Adams, Franklin, Cotesworth Pinckney, etc.) debated, drafted, and finally passed the constitution of our fledgling country, they gave the Senate 2 senators from each state so that every state’s voice could be heard, equally. Currently, 53 senate seats are held by democrats, and 45 are held by republicans. 2 seats are independent, but tend to vote liberal. Lets play out a scenario: President Obama makes a very controversial, very liberal appointment to a federal judge seat. Previously, even if ALL of the liberals in the senate vote in favor of this nominee, at least 5 republicans will need to vote for the nominee, and if some very conservative members of the senate feel that this is too likely happen, they have the right to filibuster the nomination. Remember, a filibuster can last as long as the senator wishes, five minutes to the twenty-four hours that Sen. Thurmond (D-SC). However, if this so-called “Nuclear Option” plays out, only 51 senators need to vote for the nominee, which works out perfectly for the democratic party, because there are 2 Blue Dog Democrats (conservative democrats) in the senate currently. And the republican party cant do a thing about it, because the right to filibuster nominations has been taken away.

Here is another interesting thing: back when the democrats were the minority in the senate, the GOP tried to pull the nuclear option. The three biggest opponents were Sen. Barack Obama, Sen. Joe Biden, and Sen. Harry Reid. Then Senator Obama said “If the right of the Minority Party to freely and openly debate (With the Majority Party) is taken away, then the voices of millions of americans will go unheard.” Thats the President/Senator talking, not me.

I am represented by two senators in the minority, Senator Graham (R-SC), and Senator Scott (R-SC). Quite frankly, I feel that my right to be heard through the senators that represent me has been taken away.

I call upon the Senate, especially the democrats in that body, that if they honestly care about the American people more than about getting re-elected, they should not use this nuclear option.

Senator Rand Paul summed up my feelings perfectly, “The death of the filibuster is the death of dialogue.”


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