Rep. Sensenbrenner Calls Feinstein’s Bill A Joke

18 term Wisconsin Representative James Sensenbrenner Jr., author of the Patriot Act, surprised the nation by saying that the NSA is abusing the powers that he spent time and money to give it. He also said that the house and senate intelligence communities were “cheerleaders” for the NSA. He said, “According to the NSA, their is no limit to what they can do.” He then proceeded to call Diane Feinstein’s bill a joke. You probably remember Feinstein from her plan to ban assault weapons, but it appears that she has taken up a new progressive crusade: fighting for big brother government to keep spying on us. Sensenbrenner has instead co-authered a bill entitled the USA Freedom Act, designed to end the NSA’s bulk collection of data. The conservative chariot fully supports Sensenbrenner’s bill.


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