Does Obama Overuse His Executive Power

Yes, President Obama does overuse his Executive Power, but nearly every president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt has. The constitution gives the President the power to issue an executive order, however there needs to be a checks and balances system. The idea of “checks and balances” is the brainchild of french political philosopher Baron De Montesquieu (1689-1755). He believed that no part of the government should get too powerful, and there should be a system in place to ensure this. Thomas Jefferson was an admirer of Montesquieu, and included the system of Checks and Balances in the new constitution. For about 150 years, the legislative branch was the de-facto most powerful branch of the government. They would create laws, and the president merely signed laws and stayed out of the way. This began to change when Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued a series of executive orders that effectively became the New Deal program. Harry Truman used his executive power as Commander in Chief to order the Nuclear Strike on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Eisenhower used executive power extensively during the Korean War. Kennedy issued the Bay of Pigs through executive order, as well as the infamous 11110, meant to limit the federal reserve. LBJ signed several executive orders designed to prevent discrimination in the workplace. Nixon created executive orders to strengthen the EPA. Ford and Carter issued executive orders to limit the scope of the intelligence community. Reagan issued executive orders to invade Grenada and Libya. George HW Bush used executive orders to re-allow trade with Czechoslovakia. Clinton used executive orders to ban chemical weapons. George W Bush invaded Iraq on an executive order.

But Barack Obama may be abusing the power of the executive order. He used it to grant exemptions from the ACA, he used it to strengthen gun control, and to increase the NSA’s power, among other things. In 2013 alone, Obama published 19 executive orders, that is more than Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon did in their entire presidencies combined. Most of the time, presidents use their executive power to make important decisions in a time of crisis, or to make temporary changes. However Barack Obama has used the Executive Order to sidestep congress entirely and force his “Progressive” agenda. He even went so far as to say that he would not let congress get in the way of his legislative agenda. The President is not in the legislative branch, and for a reason! The democratic party has given the executive power a new meaning, a meaning that will be turned on them when a republican steps into the White House. As for president Obama’s executive abuse, it is my opinion that the mark of a tyrant is when he/she is willing to sidestep the people and the people’s representative’s (congress) in order to further his own agenda.

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