Iran Nuke Deal, A Step In The Wrong Direction

The Iranian nuclear deal that has been reached is certainly a step, but in which direction? Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thinks that it is a step in the wrong direction. Many congressional republicans agree with Netanyahu, and crafted more sanctions on Iran, however President Obama and many Democrats shot the bill down. I stand with Mr Netanyahu and members of my own party in condemning the Iranian bill.

We CANNOT allow a nuclear Iran. Iran would use it’s nuclear capacity for one reason: advancing it’s hegemonic self-veiw. The deal allows Iran to keep it’s nuclear centrifuges, but not add any more fissile uranium. There is but one use for nuclear centrifuges: to create fissile uranium. If we are going to avoid a nuclear Iran, we need to remove the temptation of creating more fissile uranium. If I were a Roman Catholic, and wanted to give up chocolate for Lent, it would be a logical step to purge my house of chocolate. This is what we need to do for Iran, purge them of their nuclear centrifuges.

The deal with Iran hardly even touches on Plutonium, which could be another viable source for the creation of a nuclear device. Also, Plutonium creates much more powerful nukes than uranium.

In conclusion, a nuclear Iran would be devastating to the United States’ interests in the middle east and would be devastating to our only ally in the region: Israel.


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