Why Benghazi Still Matters

Over a year later, and we still do not have answers. Why? Because the Obama Administration goofed up, and they are too worried about covering for themselves to admit it. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (She was Sec. of State when the attack happened) said to a congressional committee, “Answer the question senator, what’s the big deal?” Well Mrs. Clinton, four Americans died, on your watch, and a year later we still have no answers.

Barack Obama did not even call it terrorism immediately; he and the state department said that the attack was provoked by a video on youtube. We had ample warning of the attack on the embassy, and yet the federal government ignored these warnings and allowed the embassy to be attacked and four americans killed. Someone needs to be held accountable for this.

If for no other reason than to honor the memories of the victims, answers need to be given about the Benghazi terror attacks, and someone needs to be held responsible, the perpetrators need to be apprehended and justice needs to be done. If justice is done, then attacks like these will be much less frequent in the future, but if we just allow them to continue while those who are responsible roam free, we are just asking for more attacks to happen.


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