Do Democrats Want Another Shutdown?

It certainly looks that way. We have another budget deadline coming up in the new year, and the democrats are signaling that they want another shutdown. Nancy Pelosi (D-California) said that a budget deal that does not include unemployment insurance will “Undermine who we are as a country.” Wrong Pelosi, your paying people for not working undermines us as a country.

President Obama said that Unemployment Insurance is a necessary step to create income equality. Income Inequality is a good thing, despite what most liberals will have you think. Imagine if Tim, a ditch digger, made the same salary as Tom, a lawyer. That would eliminate the necessity to try to get ahead. Tom, now seeing that he does not need to be a lawyer to make money, goes to work at McDonalds. Then all of the upper level jobs (Lawyers, Doctors, CEOs) go overseas to countries like China and India. Then China and India become superpowers, and we loose our superpower status.

Unemployment Insurance can be just another form of welfare. Don’t get me wrong, if someone is unemployed and actively searching for a job or has a disability that prevents him from having a job, he deserves society’s help. But someone who can work, and chooses not to, should not expect the support of our society.

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