Do Republicans Need A Backup for Obamacare

The GOP message that obamacare has been, and will continue to be disastrous. Thus far, they have been proved right. But the democrats are coming back to the offense, which begs the difficult question: What if the ACA works? What should the GOP backup plan be?

The GOP needs a new argument or a legislative alternative, neither of which we have.

Undoubtedly, the ACA is still wracked with problems that have yet to be worked out. Problems still exist in the exchange site, and many insurers have received the wrong information. Also according to a Harvard Poll, 57% of young adults view both the ACA and Obama to be failing.

However, a few aspects have been smoothed out a bit, and more people enrolled in the last four days than in the entire month of October.

I believe that the best GOP Plan B is an alternative, market insurer replacement for Obamacare. This would have the employer provide healthcare benefits rather than the federal government. This alternative would be much more viable, with democrats liking the healthcare aspect and the republicans liking the market provided part. This alternative would rollout much smoother than Obamacare, because the federal government would not be involved, this would be entirely controlled by the employer. A market healthcare approach would be directly controlled by the employer, in keeping with the principles of a free market that have been championed by men such as Jefferson, Jackson, Reagan and Bush.


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