Is Obamacare Fixed?

No, the Affordable Care Act is still spiraling toward disaster.

One statistic shows that for every one person successfully enrolled in, fifty lost coverage. Fox and Friends morning show ran a segment about a man who has a very complex cancer and brain condition and requires a very unique treatment plan, running up a high cost. Part of the bill was footed by a small health insurance company which was forced to close it’s doors due to Obamacare, leaving this man without healthcare.

The President and Nancy Sebellius set a goal of keeping the website going for 50,000 people at the same time. Not impressive, but they met this goal. Its kind of like if I want to improve my golf game, I decide to swing my golf club. I can swing it with one arm, over my head, what have you, but I have met my goal. This goal is the golf equivalent of Obama’s website goal.

President Obama has made a “Fix” of allowing people to keep their healthcare until 2014. It seems clear to me why this date: because then the democrats will have won more congressional and gubernatorial seats in a nation increasingly discontented with the democratic establishment.

Obama said he has made his website work with “private sector efficiency”, not hard after all of the legislation levied by his administration on private sector.

The final broken promise that I wish to discuss (There are hundreds more that I haven’t even touched on) is the lie that “The ACA will not add a dime to the national debt”. Well, to give him the due credit, it hasn’t added a dime: it’s added over a trillion dollars, with 2 trillion more by the end of 2014.

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