The Case For Keystone

It seems that the Keystone Pipeline has been forgotten after the election, when it was one of the few things that Obama and Governor Romney agreed on. I only remembered it after a recent trip to Washington when I saw a protester in Lafayette Park dressed as a polar bear. My friend and I got into a debate with him, and that didn’t last long because it was obvious that the protester didn’t want to talk to a couple of kids. So here is the case for the Keystone pipeline.

1.) It’s better to get oil from an ally than from an enemy. Currently, we get the majority of our oil from middle eastern countries (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait…), many of which have unstable governments. If we buy oil from a nation who’s government collapses and falls into the hands of the Al Qaeda or Al Shabaab, we will have directly financed terrorism, therefore funding our direct enemy. A barrel of crude oil costs 110 USD. For every barrel we buy from terrorists, we give them $110. Therefore 3 barrels of oil is enough to buy a Glock from the Russians or the Chinese. 5 barrels will buy a high powered rifle. 8 barrels will buy an assault rifle. In the hands of an upright citizen, a Glock, high powered rifle, or assault weapon (Semi-Auto, not Full Auto) can fight against tyranny. In the hands of a terrorist, however they can be used to create tyranny.

2.) The Keystone Pipeline will bolster the economy. The pipeline will provide at least 9,000 jobs, estimate. The pipeline will also bring an estimated 5.3 Billion dollars a year in the private sector, which would do wonders for our economy. After the creation, the State Department estimates that throughout the pipeline’s existence it will employ almost 41,000 people.


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