My Top 5 Picks For the 2016 Election

1. Senator Rand Paul R-Ky

Last year, if you even knew about Rand Paul, he was “Ron Paul’s Son”. But now he is one of the most popular tea-partiers in the congress. He is the newest tea party patriot, but he has mobilized the right and he is one of the front runners for the 2016 election. He could easily win the republican nomination, and perhaps even be carried into the white house.
2. Senator Marco Rubio R-Fla
Marco Rubio is my personal favorite on this list. He is the American Dream. His parents immigrated from communist cuba. His father got a job as a bartender and his mother as a maid. He served as lawyer, then commissioner of west Miami, then Speaker of The Florida House of Representatives before being elected to the senate.
3. Allen West
Allen West was one of the original Tea Partiers. He is a former Representative from the state of Florida and a contributor for Fox News. He is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army. 
4. Rick Perry Gov-TX
Rick Perry is the Governor of Texas and one of the most successful, and popular, governors in the country. He has already begun campaigning with an appearance in South Carolina this week. He ran for president in 2016 but lost to Newt Gingrich in SC, and endorsing Governor Romney instead.
5. Chris Christie Gov-NJ
Chris Christie is the most moderate on this list, and I wouldn’t consider him in the primaries, but he could win the general election. He is a classic example of taking a blue state and turning it around


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