A Tale of Two Governments

They were the best of times and the worst of times, but they were two different times. In one of these times, we could trust the federal government, in the other we cannot. In one of these times, we stood up for America’s interests, in the other time we went on a world apology tour.

The first of these governments swept into power in an elected coup d’tat, in the first election 489 to 49 electoral votes, in the second 525 to 13. This government always stood up for what they and the American Public believed in, but they did not shut out the minority party, they brokered with it, reaching a compromise that benefited both sides and the public as a whole. This president of this government answered for the mistakes that he made, and tried to fix them. When Americans were in danger in Grenada, he deployed american troops to protect them. This Government was the Reagan-Bush Administration.
The second of these governments came into the office on a message of hope and change. They came into office making promises that they knew they could not keep. This government was wrought with scandal, from the death of an ambassador to the political use of the Internal Revenue Service to spying on American citizens to supplying weapons for mexican drug cartels. This leaders of this government refused to accept their mistakes, blaming everyone from George Bush to the Insurance Companies. Perhaps worst of all, the leader of this government began his administration on a “world apology tour”, where he apologized for America. This Government was the Obama-Biden Administration

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