Dont Think To Far Ahead, GOP

This week the Republican Governors Association met, and two chairs of the organization, Chris Christie (NJ) and Bobby Jindal (LA) had a warning for the GOP. They warned the party not to be pre-occupied with the 2016 election, but rather the 2014 gubernatorial election. With 36 gubernatorial seats (35 now that Virginia turned blue), the GOP needs to fight to defend their seats as governors. Both Jindal and Christie are top picks for the 2016 election (I prefer Jindal to Christie), but after Christie’s sweeping re-election, those of us of the Republican persuasion should certainly lend him our ear. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer says that Christie’s message is that “Governors are the perfect breeding ground for the presidency”. Currently, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan al have republican governors, but these are battleground states. Any state that is helped by Christie and/or Jindal could become a future ally of Jindal/Christie and the republican party. Both Christie and Jindal preached a message of winning the election rather than the argument. They stated that the senate bigwigs such as Rubio and Paul are more focused on the argument than the election. Christie/Jindal are right. Dont get me wrong, I strongly support Sens. Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, but Christie/Jindal are right.

Another player in the RGA was Rick Perry, while popular among the “Religious Right”, he presented a new personality from the 2012 election. He shouted “Hell yeah” after a speech by Chris Christie.

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