How Republicans Could Win The White House In 2016

From the budget debacle early in the year to the shutdown, this year has been marked by an unprecedented level of partisanship, not only between parties but within both parties. Within the GOP this is the Tea-Party (Cruz, Rubio, Paul, Lee…) and the “Establishment”(Christie, Graham, McCain…). Within the Democratic Party, this is the hard-core liberals, embodied by the political machine that is Hillary Clinton, and the leftist/populist movement led by Elizabeth Warren.

So the election. In the primaries, Clinton and Warren beat each other black and blue, and someone unexpected sweeps in to win the Dem. Nomination, like Obama did in 2008. One of the Tea-Party leaders, probably either Cruz, Rubio or Paul, win the nomination and run with an establishment bigwig as the VP candidate. The democratic voter base will be disenchanted with the liberals who promised them change. They got change, just not the kind they wanted. Young people, who are typically key to a democratic victory will have been rubbed the wrong way by obamacare, and turn to the Tea-Party. The younger tea party candidate will electrify the public and sweep into the white house, at least for four years.

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