Why We Should Leave The UN

Following it’s establishment document, The United Nations Charter, the UN is one of the most useless bureaucracies in human history. Nothing contained in the present Charter shall authorize the United Nations to intervene in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any state. This means that neither the General Assembly nor the Security Council nor ECOSOC, nor any other UN organization may intervene in the affairs of a sovereign state, except in extra-ordinary situations, such as war or genocide. In the unlikely event that the United Nations actually follows their charter, it remains one of the most useless organizations in world history. The Charter also gives veto power to the five founder nations, the USA, Russia, China, France, the UK. Veto power is the ability of one of those nations to get rid of any resolution passed by the UN.Therefore, if the UN were to pass any useful resolution, the wide ideological variety among the 5 nations would certainly veto it for the furthering of their own agenda.

In the much more common event of the UN to go beyond the powers given to it in the Charter, they are invading the business of a sovereign nation. Lets look at the UN millennium goals. Goal 2: universal education. Providing education is strictly the business of the respective governments. 3: empower women. That is the job of local feminist organizations and left wing political movements. Currently, the United Nations is making giving itself more and more power. I believe that laws and binding agreements should be made by the people that we elect, not people that are appointed by someone appointed by the person we elect that serve in some international bureaucracy. Therefore, I urge the United States of America to either cut back extensively on our UN involvement or withdraw all together.

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