Why Rubio’s Obamacare Delay Is A Good Idea

Should we punish tax Americans for not purchasing a product that is not on the market for them to purchase? This was the question raised by Marco Rubio (R-Fla) this morning when he began gathering support for a bill designed to delay the individual mandate (where the IRS will impose a fine to all americans who do not have health care) until the website that allows americans to sign up to Obamacare.
Currently, this website has been prone to glitches, including one where only 100 people attempted to sign on to the website, and it shutdown.
Marco Rubio’s bill would be extremely beneficial to the American People, it keeps them from an unfair and very steep fine that they would have absolutely no way to avoid. The bill would also potentially give conservatives time to repeal the train wreck that is the Affordable Care Act. Currently, it has been anything but affordable, millions, billions of dollars have been rolled into Obamacare and it’s only been in affect for weeks. It will cost us 3,000,000,000,000 by 2020. Thats 3 Trillion dollars. 3 trillion that we don’t have.
The Conservative Chariot¬†strongly supports Senator Rubio’s bill and encourages the Senate to pass the bill for the good of the American people.

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