A letter to the Democrats… And another to the Republicans

Dear Senate Democrats (and President Obama),

Why did it take you this long to begin working on a compromise with the Republican controlled House. I understand that you have an agenda and that you want to get as much of it into legislation as you can, but you just can’t do that at the expense of the American people. I think that you would do well to remember a few quotes.
Here is one from the Junior Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio
“We don’t need a new idea; we have one. That idea is called America”
And another from President Ronald Reagan
“Government’s first duty is to protect people, not running their lives.”
A Concerned Citizen

Dear House Republicans, and Ted Cruz,

I personally believe that it was the democrat’s fault that the shutdown happened. But y’all are at fault a little bit too; Ted Cruz, where it is valiant that you are attempting to stop the Affordable Care Act, your 21 hour semi-filibuster was political suicide. You are going to need to get some more political experience under your belt if you ever want to make presidential run. To the Republicans in general, your approval rating struck an all time low this week: 28%. If you plan to get re-elected and win the white house in 2016, you will need to shape up and explain to the American people why they need a conservative in the executive branch.
Here is a quote you would do well to take to heart,
“If we love our country, we should also love our countrymen”- President Ronald Reagan.
A Concerned Citizen


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