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Welcome to TheConstitutionalViewpoint! We are a new media outlet on the front lines of the new conservative movement!

William F. Buckley Jr.’s National Review brought conservative ideas to a new generation of Americans. It re-lit the torch of the conservative movement in the United States. Now it’s time for a new publication for the next generation of conservatives.

The Constitutional Viewpoint will provide accurate news by reporting with the highest possible standard. That means accurate quoting, reliable sourcing, and factual information. That means direct and easily digestible information. We will also provide informed, thoughtful, and insightful commentary on current events from the perspective of a young conservative.

We will work to end the liberal domination of new media. We will bring conservatism to American youth. We will meet them where they are through social media, word of mouth referrals, and innovative promotion methods. We will bring the conservative message to America’s youth.

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Thank you,                   

Will Galloway, editor.